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As Francis, the bishop of Rome is ending another annus horribilis, with his pontificate descending into complete and utter chaos, your humble blogger has compiled 10 5 of the major themes running through the ecclesiastical sub-set of human activity of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium, i.e. the Institutional Catholic Church in Anno Domini 2016.

(1) Continued disintegration of the post-conciliar NUChurch.

The disintegration of NUChurch has continues unabated in the countries that comprise what is commonly referred to as Western Civilization. The news coming from the post-conciliar church in Spain (see here), Germany (see here) and the US (see here) is simply atrocious. It is these developed world countries where most of the funding revenue comes from, revenue that feeds the Holy See’s coffers.

Of note is the situation in Germany. The reason being that the German Church Tax, i.e. the notorious Kirchensteuer is the main funding mechanism for NUChurch globally. It is this funding mechanism that your humble blogger outlined in the post titled: Fully Funding FrancisEpicFail™. This unsustainable situation, when combined with the issues that will no doubt arise due to the Eurozone crisis (as gauged by our proxy – Deutsche Bank stock price) will be the shock that will ultimately kill off the evil “spirit of Vatican II” and will put an end to another Failed Neo-Moderist Experiment, like that which we are observing in the FrancisEconomy of Venezuela.

What is of major importance is the table provided in the above mentioned “Fully Funding” post. We see that the growing revenue collected under the dastardly Kirchensteuer is increasing, yet from a rapidly disintegrating tax base. This situation implies that as goes the German economy (not to mention the death rate – since most payers into the tax pool are older folks), so goes the ability to increase the rate that those payers are willing to pay. And given the size of the payroll of the German Church (between 700,000 and 1.4 million depending on who is counted), any hiccup in the German economy will generate serious downstream effects to the total amount of Kirchensteuer that can be collected. And as we know, it is this revenue that not only funds the German Bishops’ Conference’s heretical operations in the third world (see here), but likewise directly feeds the Holy See’s contributions made pursuant to Canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law.

Given the above, your humble blogger will be watching two statistical indicators in 2017, namely: number of people leaving the Kirchensteuer payer pool in 2016 and the price of Deutsche Bank stock – a canary in the coal mine indicator for the economic performance of Germany.

(2) Francis holed up in the Domus Sanctae Marthae Bunker.

Over the life of this blog, one aspect of the current “bishopric” of Francis that your humble blogger has been chronically and quite accurately at that, if I may say so myself, is the OBJECTIVE REALITY behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. Your humble blogger has identified the correct situation inside the TeamFrancis Headquarters in the Synod of the Three Paragraphs on the 18th of December, 2014 as follows:

The Synod was controlled and manipulated by a group of clerics who were taking their directives from Francis himself. The way in which the Manipulators wanted to change church teaching was first by discarding the Church’s existing Magisterium and the foundations for the Church teaching on homosexuality, replace this body of teaching with something new, only grounded in the speeches, newspaper interviews, musings at the Domus Sanctae Marthae and off-the cuff remarks the magisterium of Francis. They tried to find the magic formula,i.e. Modernist Magic Words that would allow for this change in teaching to slip past the Synod bishops.

And that same “group of clerics” who has … what can colloquially be called “skin in the game”, had their hidden agenda exposed in the post titled So It Was The Homo Agenda All AlongEdward Pentin in an interview given to Raymond Arroyo of ETWN had the following exchange (see here):

Arroyo: And what was that other agenda?

Pentin: That other agenda basically centered on validating same-sex unions within the Church, changing the Church’s views on human sexuality, the Church’s doctrine in a sense, so the Church’s pastoral practice, which in turn… they argue affects doctrine. So in loosening of the teaching on cohabitation for example, and so forth…

The Trojan Horse post appeared on 7th of September, 2015. This same cabal of intrinsically disordered Marxist revolutionaries identified in that post, i.e. TeamFrancis has been active this year likewise. We put up a page on this blog titled What’s In The BOX? to provided proper CONTEXT. But I digress… Here is how this group, and the atmosphere on the 4th floor of the Domus Sanctae Marthae was presented on the OnePeterFive blog a few days ago by Der Speigal’s Rome correspondent Walter Mayr via Maike Hickson:

In Mayr’s eyes, as well, “much is at stake.” For him, “Francis seems to be increasingly isolated” and also “worn down.” A confidant of the pope tells Mayr: “Many do not recognize any more in the Francis of the year 2016 the man whom they elected in 2013.” The journalist also describes how the Year of Mercy “has kept everything open” and it “did not at all fulfill the expectations.” The curial reform does not advance, either; and, “from some dicasteries, there now come reports of ‘total chaos’.” According to Mayr, Francis’ “volubility causes additional problems”; his comments about the media and their tendency toward “coprophagy” have even caused indignation among his own sympathetic followers.

In this last paragraph, as related by Maike Hickson from the Walter Myar article (see here), we see 4 themes that your humble blogger has identified and chronicled. Just to review:

  1. Francis increasingly isolated, (see here)
  2. Year of Mercy “did not fulfill expectations” disaster, (Expected 33million. On June 10, total was 9,100,935. Final figure was given as 21,292,926. NB: I am very skeptical of this figure and the “did not fulfill expectations” suggests that the numbers are not correct).
  3. Complete chaos in the dicasteries,
  4. “Volubility” causes indignation even among Francis sycophants in “Fake News” Legacy Media.

NB: Remember where you read all this first, dear readers. And as you can see, we have a very good bead on these subversive revolutionaries holed up on the 4th floor of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

(3) Soap Bubble Effects – Exposing “Fake News” before exposing “fake news” was cool.

When your humble blogger put up the first post and simultaneously coined (and ™-ed it) the term “Soap Bubble Papacy“, what lied underneath this complete fraud was the following NARRATIVE:

IF Francis is popular in the Legacy Media,

THEN this is a positive development for the Universal Church.

Now, being the quantitatively inclined and empirically oriented type of a guy that your humble blogger is, yours truly set out to find and document the EVIDENCE to support this HYPOTHESIS. This HYOTHESIS became known as the Real FrancisEffect.

Needless to say, there was no evidence of any Real FrancisEffect.

What turned out to be the case though, was that the observation made by Cardinal Walter Brandmüller as early as on the 26th of August 2014, was spot on (see here). That observation is as follows:

“It is superficial. Were this a religious movement, the churches would be full.”

The result for the search for the Real Francis Effect and the sizeable number of accumulated posts led to yours truly putting up an entire page dedicated to the Real FrancisEffect, or rather the lack there of, titled  The Soap Bubble Papacy™

But there is more to the story. It would appear that as your humble blogger was chronicling and evidencing one FALSE NARRATIVE, namely the Real FrancisEffect, another FALSE NARRATIVE came across the radar screen. This false narrative was later dubbed the Soap Bubble Candidacy and referred a situation pertaining to another neo-Modernist, namely Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary Clinton. What became self evident in July of this year was that this Soap Bubble Effect was likewise common in this other areas of human endeavor, i.e. the candidacy of Sick Hillary in the 2016 US Presidential election. And since this Soap Bubble Candidacy was so glaringly obvious and becoming so well documented (WikiLeaks), your humble blogger turned his attention to the 2016 Presidential Election and chronicled this FRAUDULANT NARRATIVE , i.e. “Hillary can’t lose”, in real time. (see here) Here is how OBJECTIVE REALITY met with a VIRTUAL REALITY created by that cabal of neo-Modernists: The Election Results: Donald J Trump WINS!

It was through this event that the mechanism for creating a Soap Bubble Effect was explained, presented and defined in minute detail. In a few of summary posts titled: The Battle Is In Your Mind – Francis’ Gaslighting,  War Of The FAKE NARRATIVES and How TeamFrancis Makes The Doughnuts!, we laid out the Modus Operandi for how a Soap Bubble Effect is generated. Below is a brief summation:

False Narrative established => Talking Points supporting False Narrative defined => a Virtual Reality created by promulgation of Talking Points in conjunction with dissemination operations y “Fake News” Legacy Media => this Gas-Lighting process is executed to convince rational people that Virtual Reality is correct.

Any dissonance introduced by external objective evidence that may arise is countered with “fake news” label.

The best example of how this False Narrative operation was executed was viewed in real time through the daily WikiLeaks reports. These reports contained information of how a large group of Legacy Media “journalists” were continuously meeting with the Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary camp (John Podesta). The simplest and most likely explanation for why no less than 65 “MainStream Media” “journalists”, or as we called them, Presstitutes had to continuously meet with Mr. Podesta was to coordinate the False Narratives in order to keep them consistent (see here). 

Numquam Ponenda est Pluralitas Sine Necessitate.

(4) Words – Highlighted, Bolded, Italicized and ™-ed Words.

One aspect of this humble blogging effort of your most humble blogger that came in for a bit of… let’s call it “fraternal correction”, was the appearance of “words” that were highlighted, bolded, italicized and ™-ed. I must admit that I might have gone a bit overboard in this respect. Yet there were some of you dear readers, who follow this blog on a regular basis, grasped why I presented these certain words in the manner in which I did.

Quickly, what is key to understand my excessive highlighting is that the neo-Modernists have no underlying philosophical (reasoned, objective) basis for believing or propagating that which they believe and propagate. They cannot win a logical, reason based argument since their basis for that which they believe and propagate is IDEOLOGICAL, i.e. devoid of reason and logic. And when one has a belief system based on a TRANSRATIONAL IDEOLOGY, the only manner in which that person can argue and sustain this position is to change the meaning of the underlying words that he uses, or to completely ignore the common laws of thought (SYNTAX) altogether. But when the neo-Modernist is called out on his rather devil-may-care disregard for the OBJECTIVE MEANING OF WORDS AND THEIR COMMON USAGE, their faulty SYNTAX (sentence structure) becomes readily apparent. A great example of this was the recently identified numerous violations of the second (non-contradiction – NC) and third (excluded middle – EM) laws of “coherent” thought made in support of the FrancisDocument “Joy of Sex” by Francis’ sycophantic supporters. (see here and here) So highlighting the words was done to make the reader think about their proper definition and the correct context.

But back to the “words” themselves. The other reason that your humble blogger has been highlighting words is due to their underlying signaling effect. (see here) What is in fact the case is that each word (or phrase) that is capitalized, bolded and highlighted contains an attached and underlying signaling component. A good example of this is the word “IDEOLOGY”. On our blog, much time is spent defining and identifying that which is IDEOLOGICAL as opposed to that which is non-IDEOLOGICAL, i.e. philosophical. In the post titled Everyone Has A Plan, the difference is laid out and explained in painstaking detail.

Yet the word IDEOLOGICAL would not have the same amount of importance if not for the signaling effect that comes when that word is used in certain situations and is used by individuals in high level decision making positions. Here’s what I mean.

Your humble blogger has established hypothesis that neo-Modernism is an IDEOLOGY, as opposed to a rational belief system based on an objective body of knowledge learned through a scientific process (philosophical). An example of the later is scientifically determined belief system is Scholasticism. Aside, please keep in mind that the meaning of philosophy is the “study of acquiring knowledge”. Now if neo-Modernism is an IDEOLOGY, this means that it has no grounding in objective reality. To be more precise, an IDEOLOGY is not a systematic methodology for the study of that which God has made. In other words, the neo-Modernist IDEOLOGY is a human construct imaged in the mind of the neo-Modernist, due to his God given capacity of abstract thought. The common term for this phenomenon is what is known as “magical thinking”(see here).

Given the above, it is with no small interest that your humble blogger came across a passage attributed to Cardinal Gerhard Mueller on the MondayVatican blog, in a post titled Pope Francis: What If It Is Just A Matter Of Language?, that reads as follows:

This spirit of false renewal – he insists – is marked by ideology. Ideology is “always the arrogant attempt to subject the Word of God and the doctrine of the Church to the prejudice of its thought, with the goal of achieving a manipulative power over the faithful and their lives.” While theology – Cardinal Mueller continues – “is the humble reflection of faith that raises us up after the listening to the Word of God.”

Notice how something that your humble blogger has been identifying, documenting and chronicling for at least the last two years, i.e. IDEOLOGY, is now being recognized and condemned by no less of a authority than the Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith!

But it gets better. Your humble blogger has also been making a case for the introduction of a system of OBJECTIVE SYSTEM OF MEASURES when assessing the qualifications for advancement within the Church’s clerical ranks.

Your humble blogger has been focusing on SEMINARY VOCATIONS since this blog was established. The reason being is that these figures (statistics) appear regularly. We have highlighted this “really” REAL FrancisEffect, i.e. the neo-Modernist ordinary’s dearth of vocations, contrasting it the Catholic bishop’s VOCATIONS overabundance. A few of these posts can be found here and here and here and here and here and here.

Of note are two post. The first is titled A Final Rendezvous With Destiny and With Death, explaining how the neo-Modernist’s behavior is very similar to that of the lemming. The similarity can be described as follows: just like the lemming entering into the water and swimming away from shore, wherein it meets its final rendezvous with destiny and death, the neo-Modernist engages in a behavior pattern that is likewise suicidal. The difference of course being that the neo-Modernist is cognizant of the fact that his behavior is suicidal, while the lemming acts out of inherent instinct. And just to drive this point home, your humble blogger produced a post titled: Raging, Raging Against The Coming Of The Light which highlights a an analogous situation where a neo-Modernist, dying religious order would rather give away their convent to an Indian tribe than to sell it to a prospering Catholic religious order.

And then there is the situation in Spain (see here)!

Back to our themes of “vocations” and “words”. It is with no amount of amazement that your humble blogger read another MondayVatican post, this time titled: Seminaries: Key To The Next Conclave. And in this post by Andrea Gagliarducci, we learn from his sources embedded behind the Sacred Vatican Walls, that the next conclave will be all about the seminaries. Here is how he explains it:

The future of the Church is being played out in the field of priestly formation. Vocations, the way that local bishops will manage them, the education of priests and the way this education influences their work with the flock will all be crucial. But also crucial will be the number of seminarians in the future, as proof of how many vocations the new emphasis on pastoral care is able to produce.

Yes, it’s all about the numbers, because… numbers don’t lie!

We summed up this point in our post titled: Revenge Of The Saturno: Death Of The “spirit of VII” Is At Hand. As you can see, it would appear that the future of the Universal Church will be based on an OBJECTIVE SYSTEM OF MEASURES with respect to promotions within the clerical class. And numbers of vocations will be a YUGE, if not the KEY component of that measure.

(5) The Restoration: It’s much bigger than anyone suspects!

And finally, what would a 2016 yearly review be without a summary of the progress of the Restoration. What I would like to stress today is that the Restoration appears to be a lot wider than anything that we identified even one year earlier.

If you dear reader recall, a good post to summarize what we considered the Restoration, in a very narrow sense of that term, can be gauged from the post titled: Summorum Pontificum’s ABUNDANT “Good Fruit”In this post, we took a random period (one month) and catalogued the various news stories that appeared regarding the Restoration that is taking place in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. It turned out the be the longest post (word count) of the entire year.

What is also of note, is that this Restoration is taking place quietly and in an environment that can be described as very “unfriendly”, if not outright hostile. The “unfriendly” nature of this environment we described in one of our posts titled: SOAP BUBBLE PAPACY ™ – Ungrateful plebs!. In that article we mentioned a passage that read as follows:

The day is March 13, 2013 [Ed note: Francis elevation to Throne of St. Peter]– its remains could be seen in this striking picture of St. Peter’s Square in the General Audience of December 2, 2015, now a recurring sight, as mentioned by Camillo Langone in his article for Il Foglio just published by us below. How fickle are the multitudes, how untrustworthy are the crowds!… Even when one does everything to please them! Ungrateful plebs!

So what we have is a situation where our South American populist bishop of Rome, (see here) despite all his efforts, can’t seem to fill up either St. Peter’s Square or the Paul VI Hall with crowds, yet new proper Masses (TLM’s) are appearing in the Universal Church continuously. We summed up this REAL FRANCISEFFECT in the post titled: Francis’ “Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free” “c”atholicism Rejected!

Yet at the same time that Francis’ “money for nothing, chicks for free” “c”atholicism was being rejected by the “ungrateful plebs”, a simpler form of Catholicism was reasserting itself. This Catholicism was reasserting itself in the sub-sets of human endeavor not only inside the Church, but also outside of the ECCLESIASTICAL sphere.

In the POLITICAL area of the Visibilium Omnium, we saw a NORMALIZATION PROCESS taking place in Poland (see here), United Kingdom (see here), Austria (see here), the United States (see here) and in Italy (see here). In all these cases, including the upcoming French Presidential Election (see here), a strong sense of Catholicism was present. To be more precise, it was the reemergence of that dormant part of Catholicism that comes to us as known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”.

But it gets even better. Another area of the Visibislium Omnium where the Restoration has started to take hold is in the secular areas of sociology, clinical psychology and philosophy. Over the past year, your humble blogger has introduced you dear reader to personalities such as Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, Dr. Duke Pesta and Gavin McInnes.

If you listen closely to what these individuals have to say, you will hear that which is nothing short of Catholicism. To prove my point, please take 25 minutes of your time and listen to the discussion between Stefan Molyneux and Gavin McInnes in the video at the top of this page.

Closing and on an aside, a gentle reminder to always, always remember the 1st Principle of the LEX ARMATICUS. It is this 1st Principle that allows us to understand the “disconnectedness” of God’s creation and our proper place in it!

1nd Principle:

Those individuals and institutions that comply to the et Invisibilium, will remain a part of the Visibisium Omnium. Those that do not, will be consigned to the trash heap of history.

Where the following definitions hold:

Visibisium Omnium – all the material “things” that we can identify with our senses (touch, sight, feel, smell, taste)

et Invisibilium – all the non-material laws and processes that regulate thevisibilium omnium (e.g. the laws of physics – classical mechanics and quantum mechanics, laws of mathematics, rules of logic, etc.)

Nuff said…

I will end this very long post here.

Closing I would like to wish all my readers a Very Happy New Year and see you in Anno Domini 2017 where we will pick right back up with the “chronicling of the Restoration to all things in Christ”

UPDATE : 15:40 30 December 2016

A Christmas bonus!

Still don’t believer point (5)?

It gets really, really, really,…. really good at about the 50:00 minute mark.

Hint: This is the explanation of the “exact point” where reason meets faith. Once properly understood, the only question is then: why are you still not Catholic?